Co2 Grow Bags Wholesale NZ

CO² Grow - The Forgotten Fertiliser

Enrich your plants with CO² & experience 20-40% plant growth and yield increases.

CO² Grow Bags are Super Easy To Use

CO² Grow bags arrive living and producing CO².

To activate simply peel off the sticker so the white filter patch is exposed.

Activation Sticker
Peel off to Activate
Peel off Activation Sticker
White Filter Patch releases Co2 slowly

The NZ-made CO² Grow bag

Designed to naturally increase CO² levels and improve the yield of indoor grow tents and small greenhouses.

CO² Grow bags are perfect for growing full-size plants to microgreens in small, enclosed spaces.

Improve plant growth and yield

Easy to use


Suitable for small spaces

No maintenance required

Safe and eco-friendly

24/7 Output


All plants benefit from higher CO² levels, resulting in faster, stronger, and more vigorous growth.

CO² Grow Bag Sizes

CO² Grow Large

  • 2.2kg (*at production date)
  • Dimensions: 410 * 240 * 150
  • Use 2 per 1200 * 1200 growing space
  • CO² 24 hours a day, for up to 6 months
  • 30 Day Replacement Guarantee
  • RRP $65

CO² Grow XL

  • 4.3kg (*at production date)
  • Dimensions: 540 * 280 * 200
  • Use 1 per 1200 * 1200 growing space
  • CO² 24 hours a day, for up to 6 months
  • 30 Day Replacement Guarantee
  • RRP $95

Product Features

Every aspect of the CO² Grow Bag has been designed to suit NZ growing conditions.

Heavy Duty Plastic

Heavy Duty Plastic

Heavy duty seal keeps your bag sterile

NZ Local Mycelium Breed

NZ-Local Mycelium

A hardy high-CO² emitting strain

Co2 Grow Bags in Production

Made in Canterbury

Each bag is hand-made & steam sterilised

White Filter Patch

Filter Patch

Releases CO² over a 6 month period

Preinoculated Substrate

NZ-Local Substrate

A slow-release energy-rich carbon matrix

30 Day Replacement Gaurantee

30 Day Replacement Guarantee

Guaranteed contaminant-free for 30 days

Grower Testimonials

"Was astonished at the yield increase running 4 bags in my grow space last year - a 30% better yield than my then previous best.

Since then I've been running 10 CO² grow bags in my set up for the last 2 runs. 

Now an essential component of my production process."

Brad - Upper Hutt

Stock CO² Grow Bags in Your Store

CO² Grow Bags are available in NZ to select retailers and online stores.

Retailer Testimonials

"The CO² bags have worked wonders for the plants we have in our shop.

We have also had nothing but epic reviews from customers who have used these also.

A must for any indoor garden!"

Kane - HyroGarden Chch Owner